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record audio on Mac


I am trying to record audio responses in Open Sesame and am using a Mac. I am brand new to Open Sesame so don't have a lot of skills. I went to this page of the manual
I downloaded the most recent sound recorder plugin from the link provided there and dragged the sound_start_recording and sound_stop_recording folders to the plugins folder in Open Sesame. But this doesn't seem to do anything and I'm not sure if this is the right plugin or if there's something else that I need. If anyone has advice on recording in Open Sesame using a Mac, that would be great. Sorry for the basic question.


  • Hi @sjamesmack,
    The audio recorder plugin is very old, and based on the library pymedia, which is no longer maintained by its developer. Moreover, I only got it working on Windows and never tried to install it on a Mac. I'm still hoping to find time some day to rebuild the sound recorder plugin from scratch using a more modern audio library that is more likely to have ongoing support. For now, I don't see it happening in the near future, so sorry to disappoint here.
    You can always try to code the sound recording component yourself. The library sounddevice, which is included with OpenSesame by default, is a good start. You can find its documentation at
    Good luck, and sorry for not being of more help.

  • You can try other audio recorders, This post may help: Top 15 Programs to Record Screen on Windows and Mac

  • Hey, maybe you could take a try of DRmare Audio Capture. I had used it to record the music and audio from the website and music streaming services. Although I have not try to record audio from Open Sesame, I think you should try and see whether it works. Good luck.

  • How about use another screen recorder mac? I use Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It has two modes. I use the "record audio mode" to grab the sound from any websites. The quality is high.

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