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Psychopy broken after latest upgrade to ubuntu 13.04 (due to PIL)

edited May 2013 in OpenSesame

Hey there,

Not really an OS - issue per se, because it mostly seems to be pscyhopy's problem -- or even further upstream actually-- but my latest Ubuntu upgrade didn't do psychopy much good.
I already posted in the psychopy mailing list, but after the latest upgrade, a import statement from PIL in psychopy doesn't seem to work anymore, rendering it impossible to run psychopy experiments

I posted details and links here

Anyone experiencing issues as well?

  • psychopy version 1.76.00

  • python-imaging version 1.1.7+2.0.0-1


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    Hi Wouter,

    I just upgraded to Kubuntu 13.04 as well (as you know), and I experience the same issue.

    This should be resolved as quickly as possible, because it will affect quite some users. Let's first see what Jon Peirce says, and whether he'll fix this soon. Your suggestion should work, I think. You can also submit this as a pull request to to speed up the process.


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    Btw, on a related note: Do you also have the problem that the editor fonts in OpenSesame are stuck on Arial since the upgrade?

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    I could, but I have no insight so far as to how many files would need such a fix -- I'd have to dive into the psychopy source way deeper than I'd like to right now ;)

    Do you also have the problem that the editor fonts in OpenSesame are stuck on Arial since the upgrade?

    yep, that too

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    Jon's replied; He's fixed all of these imports and it seems a new psychopy release will be out next week, including these changes!

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    Great! And in case someone needs a temporary hack to fix it for now:

    Open in gedit (replace gedit by kate if your on Kubuntu/ KDE):

    sudo gedit /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/psychopy/

    and change this line (near the top of the file):

    from GifImagePlugin import getheader, getdata #part of PIL


    from PIL.GifImagePlugin import getheader, getdata #part of PIL

    Now, save and exit, and PsychoPy should work again.

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