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Model comparison or Analysis of Effects for Bayesian ANOVA

Hello everyone,

I have the following question, is there a rule of thumb whether to report the Model comparison or the Analysis of Effects for Bayesian ANOVA? In my recent study I have ANOVAs with one or two, but also with 4 factors and I am a bit confused as to what to report in my main results section ? I assume, that if there are more variables it is better to report the Effect Analysis (across all models), but for the simpler analyses may be model comparisons are enough? I know it is best to put both tables (possibly as an appendix), but in the main body text I could not do that. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.



  • Hi Mila,

    Yes, I agree with what you say. However, if you change what you report across experiments in the same paper, readers might get confused. Hopefully the results of both reports will point in the same direction, and then you could mention this explicitly.


  • Many thanks for the answer, E.J.!

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