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Using BF to test null effect on repeated-measures model

edited September 2018 in JASP & BayesFactor

Hi all, thanks in advance!

I'm very new to JASP and I'm quite inexperienced in Bayesian thinking. Please, could you help me with this problem I have?
I have a within-subjects repeated-measures dataset with 32 participants who took part in a behavioural experiment. The model contains two factors: emotion (fear, happiness, and neutral), and exposure times (7 exposures in total). The dependent variable is accuracy (%).

I found no main effect of emotion in a RM ANOVA, but as we all know, no main effect in a frequentist analysis doesn't really provide evidence for null effect. How can I test this in JASP with Bayes Factors? Should I use Bayes t-tests and compare the 3 levels of the factor of interest for every exposure time? I'm not interested in the exposure times, only in the emotion factor.

Thanks in advance!!


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