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Feedback in Tutorial Cats, Dogs and Capibaras not working

I'm new to OpenSesame but I really like it so far and I'm planning to use it for a bachelor project.
I was trying out the tutorial on Cats Dogs and Capibaras, which introduces you to the droid template and shows how you can create experiments used on android devices. The experiment works well for me, however the feedback does not do what it is supposed to do. I have feedback_correct set to only showing when [correct] = 1 and it does indeed only show up when a good answer is given. However I set feedback_incorrect to [correct] = 0 and now it always shows up after every item? So even if the good feedback was given, right after it comes the feedback that it was incorrect.
Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I followed the tutorial to the letter, so is there an error in there maybe?


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    Hi Sannee,

    Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you like OpenSesame! :)

    Is it possible to attach your .osexp file here?



    Lotje van der Linden -

  • I have solved the problem for now!
    I had my duration on the sketchpads for "Keypress", but when I changed them to "0" I no longer had the problem.

    Kind regards,

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