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var.variable_name error

When I use the var.variable_name it gives me an error saying that var doesn't exist, when it is a built-in function of OpenSesame. Please help, I'm using a Mac, maybe that's the issue.



  • Hi Ilan,

    Are you sure you have defined var.block_type earlier in your experiment? Can you also share a screenshot of the loop table, or where you think you defined it?


  • Hi Eduard,

    I defined it on the block_list.

    thanks for helping!

  • Can you make sure that there is no additional whitespace in the head of the block_type column. So, e.g. block_type or block_type , rather than block_type?

  • So, it didn't have whitespace, I added one though and started to work. But I re-opened the file and is not working again, with or without white space.

  • Can you share your experiment?


  • You have an error in line 11 of draw_stimulus (words = [["RED","red"]["GREEN","green"]["BLUE","blue"]], this is not how you separate items in a list), but current_block_type = var.block_type works as it should, no problem there. So, I guess that's good news...

  • So im missing some package of something if I have that previous error=

  • Well, I can't say no as I don't have access to a Mac right now, but I'd very very surprised if this is really a mac specific issue. Could you try to create a new variable `blockType or whatever in a new column and use that one? Does the problem persist.

  • The problem persists... :(

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