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How to conditioning a delay (sketchpad) base on a previous response?

Hi guys,

I'm working on my experiment –a discounting procedure– and I'm wondering how can I conditioning a real delay base on the participant's previous response.
I'm using a sketchpad tool for the delay duration, and I achieved link it to a specific delay parameter, in which the delay for that block of trials (4 trials) is 5 sec. However, whether s/he responds in "now" or "delay," the real delayed starts running. How can I separate the real delay for the delay response?
Also, for instance, if the participant chooses the delay option, the delay has to run and then go back into the trial sequence to finish that parameter (5 sec).
Does anybody have some idea to arrange it?


  • Hi Gisel,

    I am afraid I don't really understand your design and the problem. Could you run me through another time, with a little more information, please?


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