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Suddenly I can't add nominal vars in Bayesian Regression models

I just opened some analyses I worked on a few months ago, and suddenly I can no longer select nominal vars (e.g., Gender) to add to regression models. Moreover, the analyses that I already ran show nominal vars in grey. Is there a way to solve this?


  • This is for the Bayesian regression analysis, I assume? We've become a bit more strict on what variables can be entered as predictors. The prior structure that is put on the regression coefficients assumes that the variable values are not factors. We are currently looking to make the regression analysis more flexible. An alternative is to issue a warning. I will discuss this with the team.

  • Thanks! That is probably it. What do you mean by: To issue a warning?

  • I mean a statement that says something like "Warning: the prior structure is appropriate only for continuous predictors"

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