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How to update JASP datafile if data were created in another program?

I created my data (.csv) in SPSS.
I made a mistake in the original syntax, so some cases have the wrong value.
I corrected this mistake in SPSS, and saved the .csv file in the original location.
Now I want JASP to keep the exact same analyses as I did before, but now do them on this new datafile.

If I just open the analyses, the "old" data is still there.
If I doubleclick the data, normally an excel file opens but now I get an Application Error (the instruction at blablabla referenced memory at blablabla. the memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program).

In another file with another set of analyses, I get the message:
JASP was started without associated dtaa file (csv, sav or ods file), blablabla.
If I then click "Find Data File", I can open the new one, but nothing happens.
In yet another set of analyses, suddenly all of my tables are empty (the headers and notes remain, but all of the actual analyses disappear).

I ran into the same problem earlier when I had approx. 500 new participants (I have been working on this paper for a while, it is crowdsourced data so new participants keep signing up). Then I had to redo all of the analyses.

How can I redo analyses on an updated data file?


  • Off the top of my head, I would assume that the "sync" option should do the trick. If this does not work for you, please let us know on our GitHub page and our programming team is at your disposal. [BTW, thanks for bringing these issues to our attention!]

  • Yes that is it. I wish I had known this earlier, could have saved myself A LOT of work...

  • Sorry to hear that, but glad it's fixed now

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