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Necessary computer features for the experiment

Hello everyone,
I conduct an experiment with subliminal messages. I show some words to my participants for 30 ms. My problem is open sesame doesn't show the word for 30 ms for each time and with each computer. The experiment works ( i.e. show the exact timing) with some computers but it doesn't work with the others. I have a super gaming computer in which the experiment works without any problem all the time. But I cannot use that computer all the time, and now we would like to find another computer. However which features of the computer is the most important for the timing? I mean we need to look for a nice processor, or it works best with AMD or Intel, or the thing is the display card? I will be happy if I can learn at least the necessary conditions for that.

P.S.: I read all the posts in the forum about the timing. But I cannot find a solution for that. Now I start to think that the problem is the computer.



  • Hi,

    Most modern (decent) computers have enough power to compute cognitive experiments quick enough. The graphics card is probably the biggest bottleneck (my intuition), particularly if you have very brief delays. So what you want to make sure is that you have a high refresh rate, which is a feature of monitors more so, I think. Most standard monitors have 60 Hz. But you can easily find some with 120 Hz.

    Hope this helps,


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