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Touch response for an IAT

I am trying to create an IAT about gender attitudes. I am not at all familiar with programming in Python and I was wondering if you could offer some tips.

Using the IAT template for windows , available here:

I tried to create an android based IAT experiment with images but I am struggling with the response option. The experiment works with the keyboard response, but ideally, I would like to use a touch response as we will be conducting this experiment with tablets in the field. I played around with the options, but so far have failed to incorporate a touch response instead of a keyboard response (I think the inline script would require some additional lines?) Could you kindly give me some hints on what to add to the inline scripts?


  • Hi Sarah,

    Looking at the experiment (IAT Template - with pool - english.osexp) all the responses are handled with keyboard_response items. So that's quite convenient, because it means that you can simply replace those with touch_response items.

    Next, you'd need to change how the correct response is determined, which seems to be done in the set_correct_and_color item. If, in the touch_response, you define a grid with two columns and one row, the left side of the screen will be coded as 1 (instead of the e key), and the right side as 2 (instead of the i key).

    Does that get you started?


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