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Switching eyes used in Open Sesame / Eyelink

Hey there,
we were wondering if there is a way to switch between the left and the right eye while tracking. Sure, we can decide which eye is tracked (left / right / both) on the Eyelink interface, but is there a way to do so via an opensesame inline script (to switch eyes between trials for example)?
First, we were thinking about eyetracker.set_eye_used() but this function just logs the eye used, right? But then again, when we looked it up in the log file it said "none", although the eyetracker was recording both eyes.

Maybe you can help.

Appreciate your work!


  • Hi Christina,

    I believe (but if you want to be sure please verify this with one of the EyeLink devs) that you cannot programmatically indicate which eye you want to track. This makes some kind of sense, because this is determined by the set-up procedure (positioning the camera, selecting the eyes, etc.).

    If you ask gaze information from PyGaze, and tracking is binocular, then PyGaze will return information from the left eye. This does not mean that the right eye isn't tracked though!


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