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Conditional Statement in Sketchpad Duration

Hello all,

I am trying to include a conditional statement in the duration of a sketchpad item, and am unsure of how to configure it.
I would like to set the item to end ONLY after a keypress followed by a mouse click. Another way that might work to configure this outcome is to make a mouse click only register AFTER a keypress.

In this experiment, we need the participant to self-initiate each trial, but only after giving a verbal response. Once a verbal response is given, the experimenter will press a key on the keyboard which will allow the participant to register a mouse click and move on to the next item. It is important that mouse clicks made BEFORE the key press are not registered, or at least do not bring the end of the current item.

Here is the code for the sketchpad item

set duration mouseclick
set description "Displays stimuli"
draw image center=1 file="mask.jpg" scale=1 show_if=always x=0 y=0 z_index=0

Any help you all can provide is much appreciated.


  • HI,

    The easiest way would be to simply have two sketchpads. The first one receives keypresses, the second one mouse clicks. As long as the visual information on the sketchpad doesn't change from one sketchpad to the other, the participant won't notice that there were two sketchpads.

    Does that make sense?


  • Yes, that makes perfect sense. A great solution to this issue.

    Thank you so much, Eduard

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