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How to find the data in the data logger?

Hey ya'all,

i am using OpenSesame for my current experiment - with two conditions.
Unfortunately i am running into a problem.
In condition A i used the logger item and disabled logging all variables and added the variables i wanted to logg. This works perfectly.
In condition B i enabled the logging all variables and added the variables i wanted to logg (as written, that i could do that).
Now i am wondering where i find the data for the added variables, since i cannot find them in my CSV file. Is there any trick, how i can find them? Or are they saved anywhere else? It would help me a great deal, since it worked before - but now the Output doesnt give me the added variables.

I appreciate any help, idea, or suggestion!!
Thank you.


  • Hey!

    Have you made separate experiment files for your conditions?? What design you're using? From your description I can see you might be using a between subject group design.

    You can use a single experiment file to to take data for both condition A and B. Then add condition A and B on your logger along with other relavent variables. The logger will make a single csv file with a column for condition along with other relevant variables.

    Hope this helps
  • Hey!

    Thanks for the quick response.
    It is one experiment with two conditions - within- subject.
    Thus i have after condition A a logger currently and after condition B another logger. In the output csv file, however i only find the relevant data for condition A however not for B. This is why it is confusing. My problem is, that i cannot find the relevant data points of condition B in my single csv file of both conditions. And furthermore, in the file the relevant data for condition A is present.

    Do you have any thoughts on that?
    I really appreciate the help.

  • Hi Sportpsy,

    as far as i know you need only one logger item at the end of your experiment. That's what i use. :)
    Various logger may lead to problems.

    Many people have been asking about how to get various logfiles (e.g. two for one experiment). However, that's another problem, which has been discussed in the forum already. You may also separate the file afterwards.

    Stephan (also Sportpsy)

  • Hey Stephan - colleague,

    okay, than i might try that. Since i have two logger items now (after each condition). Any chance i get the data back, which has already been conducted?

    I will look at the other discussion boards and hope i will find anything to get the data.


  • edited October 2018

    Always check your logfile before starting data collection! :wink:

    PS: I even write the complete data handling (calculating means of trials etc.) in an R script before i start data collection. Then you notice if every variable is in your logfile. Some things in data handling are easier to code within the experiment (in python) than in R.

  • So, to better explain myself, i attached a screenshot.
    In condition A everything worked an all variables are logged. As you can see in condition D this happens. Can i decode these lines anyhow to get the same data?
    To keep in mind, i used separate log items for each condition...
    But my main question is, if and how i can get the data out of these lines in condition

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi D,

    To keep in mind, i used separate log items for each condition...

    That is generally not a good idea. That is normally you would want to try to have a single logfile, that is as uniform as possible across rows. If some variables exist only for some conditions, you can always set them to None or something alike wherever they are not defined.

    Aside from that, this is what you want to do, to get your csv file a little neater.


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