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Mouse and foot pedal response set up

Hi everyone!!!

I’m building a visual experiment in which participants see a series of pictures.
In every single trial, I deliver a tactile input to the subject when the visual stimulus is located in different spatial points. In every trial, the task is to respond as fast as possible by pressing a mouse OR foot pedal.
So, the questions are:
1. Is it possible to program an experiment with both hand & foot pedal set up?
2. If the dual setup is possible, do I use mouse_response for the hand and joystick_response for the foot? Or both using mouse_response?

Please advice.



  • Hi Isak,

    This should be doable, but how depends on the device. More specifically, how do they connect to the computer? It could be, for example, that they work just like a keyboard, in which case you can use a keyboard_response, or that they work just like a joystick, in which you can use a joystick_response. Or perhaps they require some custom Python code.

    Because these are non-standard devices, this entirely depends on how they have been designed. So I would start by figuring out how the devices work, and then see how you can apply this in OpenSesame!


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