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Test experiment without Eyelink eyetracker connected

Hi All, I wonder how i can run my experiment (eyetracking experiment) on my pc that is not connected to the eyelink eyetracker. I would like to go through the experiment flow, but the eye tracking parts can be ignored for now :)



  • Hi, and welcome to the forum! :)

    The PyGaze_init plug-in can be set to run a dummy mode. There are two options: 1) Dumb dummy runs without actually doing anything, and 2) Dummy allows you to simulate eye movements by using the mouse cursor (note that this will make the mouse cursor appear while the dummy tracker is active; this will not happen once you set the tracker type back to EyeLink.)


  • thanks for your answer. Where can I find the PyGaze_init plug in? This is my first time in OpenSesame and I cant really find the settings..

  • I think i found it! At the blue pylink button settings right?

  • It's the blue PyGaze button, yes! It should have an eye shape in the centre (black pupil and blue iris), and four blue dots around it. It's named pygaze_init (visible if you hover the mouse cursor over it), and appears underneath the PyGaze label in the left column.

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