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Threshold values

Hi !

I use an Eyelink and I would like to change threshold values (saccade velocity and acceleration) in pygaze_init but it seems to be not possible...
So 2 questions:
1/ Do these values "overwrite" the values entered by default in the Eyelink parser configuration?
2/ If I set these values in the files, are these new values taken into account even if nothing changes on the pygaze_init screen?

Thanks a lot !



  • Hi Emilie,

    1) Do you mean, that when you analyse the data after running the experiment, in the eyelink analyzer or wherever? As far as I know, settings like saccade velocity and threshold are not really used during the actual recording. So, yes you should be able to set them specifically for the analysis. Whether they overwrite the default settings, I don't know, but you can easily find out, by changing the default values to some extreme values (very high), so that there shouldn't be any saccades detected. If you then still find saccades the default values seem to be overwritten. Does that make sense?

    2) I'm not sure whether it really is (it very well could be), but I'm certain that you can change default values if you access the scripts in pylink directly and edit them to your liking. Just be sure that you know what you are doing as it is easy to break things if you tinker with libraries.

    PS. It could be this file


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