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Missing functions


I'm currently trying to reproduce the code of one of your publications @Pascal ( - supplementary material: exp1_analysis preparing raw data code .R)

I'm using the most recent developer version of mousetrap, but it seems that I'm missing several functions, which I also couldn't find in the documentation file (I thought they might have been removed) or anywhere else. The functions that I seem to miss are the following:


I vaguely know what they are doing, but I'm not proficient enough in function writing to create them myself. Is there any way for me to use these functions?

Thanks for reading!


  • edited December 2018


    sorry for the delayed reply - I was away for a conference and am only slowly catching up with my emails and the open forum posts.

    The functions listed above are unfortunately not included in the mousetrap package yet, as they still require a lot of testing and documentation (I haven't been able to finish this yet as I am currently in the very final stages of my PhD - hope to include the functions in January). However, I am happy to email the current development version to you if you send me your email address (to



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