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Open Sesame crashes during questionnaire in Iowa Gambling Task

I embeded a questionnaire in the Iowa Gambling Task in OpenSesame (version 3.2.5); the questionnaire repeats 5 times during the task.
The thing is that it happens to crash when participants answer those items in the questionnaire. The screen just freezes and the participant can't type the answers anymore.
I couldn't tell what causes it to crash. I tried the following: changing the backend of the experiment (from expyriment to legacy) and to run the task from a different version of OpenSesame (from version 3.2.5 to version 3.1.9). Now I have tested it (running it from OpenSesame 3.1.9 and with the legacy backend) and it seems to work fine.

What else could I do to prevent it from crashing? I can't really figure out what drives it to crash.



  • Hi Anda,

    Can you upload your experiment? I'd like to try it. ideally, you'd simplify it (remove unncessary items) as much as possible without removing the issue.


  • Hello Eduard,

    Thank you so much for answering my question. Changing the OpenSesame version from which I run my experiment and also its backend prevented it from crashing. It works just fine now.

    Have a nice day,

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