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participants should only press the next button when they answerd my form_base

Hi there,
my problem is, that i have a form base with rating scale widgets and text input widgets and I want that my participants are only able to press next button, when they answerd all widgets and not before. I have read a lot of the discussions but I dont know if there is a command that I have to put in the script of the form base or do i have to put a separately python inline script after each form base and there do i have to repeat the syntax for the form base. I hope this is unterstandable and there is someone who can help me.



  • Here is my form base
    set timeout infinite
    set spacing 15
    set rows "1;1;1;1;1;1"
    set only_render no
    set margins "20;20;20;20"
    set description "A generic form plug-in"
    set cols "1;1"
    set _theme gray
    widget 0 0 2 1 label text="Bitte beantworte die folgenden Fragen?"
    widget 0 1 1 1 label center=no text="Bist du ein Mädchen oder ein Junge?"
    widget 1 1 1 1 rating_scale nodes="Mädchen;Junge" var=response1
    widget 0 2 1 1 label center=no text="Wie alt bist du?"
    widget 1 2 1 1 text_input center=no frame=yes return_accepts=yes stub="Tippe hier …" text="" var=response2
    widget 0 3 1 1 label center=no text="Wurdest du in Deutschland geboren."
    widget 1 3 1 1 rating_scale nodes="Ja;Nein" var=response3
    widget 0 4 1 1 label center=no text="Wenn Nein, dann tippe bitte ein, in welchem Land du geboren wurdest."
    widget 1 4 1 1 text_input center=no frame=yes return_accepts=yes stub="Tippe hier …" text="" var=response4
    widget 0 5 2 1 button center=yes frame=yes text=Weiter

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