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Constrain NoGo trials in a Go-NoGo task

Hi all,

I am running a Go-NoGo task and want the number of successive NoGo trials to be constrained so there is at least one Go trials in between two NoGo trials. I should just be able to use constrain trial_type maxrep=1 to make sure only one NoGo trial can be presented successively. However, when I try and run the task, or press preview, it freezes until I click the mouse and then it says not responding and I have to force quit.

At the moment, I just have 25 trials imported from a file to test it works before increasing the number of trials. I have attached the script for the loop. I saw there was a previous bug with using constrain when reading from file: However, Sebastiaan posted a fix and I am running the most recent version of OpenSesame.

When I remove constrain trial_type maxrep=1 everything works fine, so it is clearly that causing the issue. However, I cannot work out what is causing it to freeze.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,

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