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Rotating 4 stimuli lists to 4 conditions?

Hi all,

Risking making a fool of myself here, but I have my experiment (attached here) in which I have 4 conditions. In each condition, 10 videos are presented. The way I have it now is that each condition has a unique list of 10 stimuli. However, I now need to make it possible that each condition can randomly run one of the 4 stimuli lists (loops). I need it so that stim set A is not always assigned to condition 1, stim set B not always assigned to condition 2 etc. Please note that the problem is not with counterbalancing or randomizing of the condition per se, but the assignment of each of the 4 stimuli lists to be displayed to each of the 4 conditions? in other words, I want to rotate the stimuli to condition assignment. Hopefully this make sense?

Any hints of how this can be achieved is very much appreciated!


Best wishes,

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