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How to use variable stimulus durations within a coroutine?

edited December 2018 in OpenSesame


I have trouble with the duration settings within a coroutine.
I defined variable SOA in an inline script and applied it to the Duration of one of my sketchpads (cue_to_target_interval). This worked fine as long as it was part of a sequence. However, I had to change the sequence into coroutine ( I need the keyboard_response to collect responses from the very beginning of the trial). I set the Start time of the cue_to_target_interval to 800 and the following sketchpad to 800+[SOA] (target_right).

Im getting an error: ''Start (now: 800+1333.5) and end (now: 800+1333.5) time need to be non-negative numeric values and end time needs to be equal to or higher than start time''

The Duration of the target_right sketchpad that the note refers to is set to 300 (Im not able to set the End time inside of the coroutine item for this sketchpad).

Is there a way to fix this?
Or another approach to implement the SOA variable?

Thank you!


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