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Is it a bug of Opensesame?

edited December 2018 in OpenSesame

I've just used Opensesame for a week. So I still don't know all features of Opensesame. But I don't know if this is a 'bug' of Opensesame. The 'bug' I mentioned here is the blue notifications in Opensesame which you can see in the image below.

It is good to have these notification. But the problem is that they block the controls like 'Select view' menu and other textbox. Sometimes, these blue notifications will disappear when I move the mouse over the 'Select view' menu and textbox for inputing parameters like 'show if', 'duration', and so on. But sometimes, these blue notifications won't disspear no matter what I do. They even don't disappear when I close that experiment and open another one.

Is it the problem of my computer or Opensesame? Is there any way to tell Opensesame stop showing these notifications?

Thank you very much.

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