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Sending serial trigger to Emotiv EEG through Stim Tracker?

I need to send markers (serial trigger) in the emotiv EEG data through Stim tracker. Stim tracker has BNC as well as parallel port. I am trying to use BNC to serial port cable to connect the stim tracker to the PC( in which Emotiv test bench software is installed). But problem is that, marker is showing in real time recording only and with "0" value instead "1", and I can't see the markers in the saved files(edf/csv) and not even in the replay of recording. What could be the reason, Where am I going wrong ? Can any one please suggest the solution for the same?


  • Hi,

    I don't know what the problem is or what the solution would be. But maybe you can ask the support of the emotiv people? At least opensesame communication is rather plain Python, so it is unlikely that the problem has directly to do with Opensesame.
    Does that make sense?


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