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Logger records the wrong sequence order of cursor x clicks

I am using an inline script for presenting a series of pictures randomly in one display.

x_a1 = exp.get_file('x_a.png')
x_b1 = exp.get_file('x_b.png')
x_c1 = exp.get_file('x_c.png')
x_d1 = exp.get_file('x_d.png')

l = [x_a1, x_b1, x_c1, x_d1]

toBeShuffled = l
print (toBeShuffled)

left_pic = toBeShuffled[0]
right_pic = toBeShuffled[1]
center_pic = toBeShuffled[2]
center2_pic = toBeShuffled[3]

In each trial the participant should click on the images in right sequence order (the pictures represent a story).
The logger keeps the location of each image and also where in the display the click is made, giving us the sequence of cursor x locations in a trial.
However what is wrong is that the output on some trials is wrong, meaning that randomly in 3 or 4 trials out of 12 the sequence of the click's location is wrong (in the wrong order than the actual selected order).

what might be wrong here?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Best regards,



  • Hi Vicky,

    How do you know that the order is wrong? Do you check the logfile or do you just mean in the debug window if you print it out?

    Can you maybe give more information on the expeirment and the implementation. maybe including the file?


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