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Set a different path in the experiment depending on the multiple choice response.

edited December 2018 in OpenSesame

Hello, I want to do an experiment, but before start it, I want the subjects to answer some questions, the problem is that the last question will be a multiple choice form about English level and I want that the people whose response is "low" perform a particular block loop and the people who answered "high" make a different block loop. I mean, I want to set a different path in the experiment depending on their response.

I don't know how to arrange this and I would be very thankful if anyone could help me.


  • Hi Celia,

    So just to avoid confusion, with 'path' you don't mean a file name, but a particular flow of the experiment. Right?

    You can do this quite easily by using a run-if statement to check the response variable that is set by the form_multiple_choice item. For example: [response] = "The first option".

    You can see the basic principle in the attached experiment.


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