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Programming Consultancy? Simple Processing speed task for android using OpenSesame?

Hi there:

I have a relatively simple processing speed task (similar to the WAIS symbol search as an example) that I'd like to implement on android phones and tablets so that I can run tests in the field. I don't have the time or skill to program it myself but I have a clear plan and I'm happy to pay someone that might be interested in coding it in OpenSesame if that was possible (especially if it is do-able by Mid-February). In addition to appropriate payment I am also happy to include people on resulting publications as appropriate and ensure that the task is open source and accessible to all. Please get in touch if you are interested in talking more about this. I have more ideas if this works out, too. Please contact me here or at Thank you!!


  • Hi Scroon,
    Sounds like a nice idea, I send you an email

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