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Check the outputs of pygaze code

Hi All,
Hope you all are doing good. I am reading about pygaze for the past two weeks and very much eager to see the outputs of pygaze example codes. I did all the installation as given in this link. I would like to see the output of heatmaps and have to understand how the code works for heatmaps. I don't have any eyetrackers. I have my laptop with webcam and windows8. Which code should i run and explain me the steps to run the code so that i can get outputs for heatmaps. Please, do see my discussion and answer me as soon as possible!

Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Shri,

    It is unclear what you're after. Are you trying to obtain files generated through an eye tracker? Or are you wanting to do eye tracking with your webcam?

    If you're just looking for an example files, you can find two here: (look for the files that end in .asc)


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