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Configurate settings to record a pressed sequence of response buttons (keyboard response)?


I've got a problem planning an experiment in OpenSesame. For my master's thesis I'm presenting sequences of audio stimuli to participants and they shall reproduce the sequence they've listened to via the keyboard (without reproducing the sounds, I just want to see if they keep in mind the right order of stimuli and can reproduce it on the keyboard with the appropriate response buttons). Is there a possibility to set the right order for each item in a loop or maybe any other way to plan the experiment successfully?

I'm thankful for any suggestions, I'm kind of desperate at the moment...

Kind regards from Germany,


  • Hi @JanaKu do you mean keyboard like a piano? I can’t understand what does you mean with keyboard can you be more specific?
    Do you want to feedback the subjects?
    or the only thing do you need is the order they remember?
    With your explanation the solution that comes to my mind is to set an image of the keyboard and put behind and open question where your participants could put they answer.

    I recommend you to see this video to clarify how to plan the experimente in OPENSESAME.

  • Hi Jana,

    You can use the text input form:



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