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hello community. I am university student, i want try this tenologic for my school project, can anyone tell me how i can start? i have the the eye tracking gp3 by gazepoint this is the correct one?


  • Hi Javier,

    i have the the eye tracking gp3 by gazepoint this is the correct one?

    Yes, that is correct, in the sense that Pygaze supports it.

    You can read about how to use the gazepoint here. Generally, it is a good start to learn about pygaze by checking the examples.

    Hope this gets you started.


  • Oh thanks!! i have more questions. I want run "simple tracker experiment",if i want run the program in Spider and insert my name and press enter the program freezes. the another question is, how work "open sesame" i need learn use in the future?

  • In general, don't run experiment scripts from Spyder. Open a terminal, and type:

    cd "/home/Javier97/my_experiment_folder"

    Obviously replace the example path and file name with your own path and file name.

  • i see, thanks edwin but i try to run the example and the console show me this

  • edited January 21

    That means you didn't install PyGaze correctly. It could be that you forgot to do so, or were not aware that you had to. Alternatively, it could be that the Python installation that your terminal refers to with "python" is not the one that you installed PyGaze into. Finally, it could be that something went wrong during the PyGaze installation.

    You can install PyGaze using pip, by running pip install python-pygaze in your terminal.

    The Python installation that your terminal uses can be defined in the PATH variable. You can change this in Window's system settings. How to do so depends a bit on what version you're running, but Google should be able to tell you if you look for e.g. "change PATH variable on Windows X" (where X is the version number). Alternatively, you could simply provide the full path to the Python installation that you would like to use in your batch file. Do so by replacing "python" in python by the full path to the "python.exe" executable in your preferred installation, for example:


    If something went wrong during the installation, you should have seen an error message during. Copying that into here would help greatly to debug it.

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