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Python crashing when running experiment

edited January 11 in OpenSesame


I'm having trouble with python crashing every time I try to run my experiment. It's a very basic set up - two intro screens with text, then a series of small audio files (.wav, ~6 KB each), then a screen with text at the end. I've looked at some other posts on related topics, and it's not a function of file size because the experiment won't run even when it only contains 3 audio files, 6 KB each. I've tried restarting my computer, made sure I have the latest version of Open Sesame, and am running it on the legacy backend as well. It won't run the experiment at all, it immediately crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this?



  • Hi Sarah,

    Can you post an error message? Otherwise it will be very difficult to help you. From your description it sounds like something is wrong with your installation. You can try to reinstall, or try a different backend. Also, which operating system do you use?


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