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I just worked on several experiments using OpenSesame. After saving the file on my desktop, I manually changed the name of the OpenSesame icon on my desktop to a different name. Upon clicking it and opening the OpenSesame platform after this name change, all of my experiments were deleted and the only option to continue working on was NewExperiment. All of my files are lost. How can I retrieve them? Please let me know how I can get the experiments back as soon as possible. Thank you.


  • Did you already looked for the files in your computer by the extension .osexp?

  • Hi Schoi,

    The experiment files (osexp) is basically an archive that contains a number of files (e.g. the actual script, the file pool, etc). So unzipping it might reveal some information that can be retrieved. However, given your description, I wouldn't have much hope though. Can you upload your experiment here? Then, I'll have a look into that.


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