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rating scale in form base

Hi there,

how can I display multiple rating scales on one page. The questions are taken from the loop with the help of a link to the question text. But if I add four rating scale widgets to the script, it shows me the same question text for all of them. Unfortunately I don't know a solution and hope for your help. Thank you very much in advance.


  • I think is better using a form_base. I gonna put here the example of my experiment.
    Regards. I hope this helps you.

  • edited January 14

    Hi Atenascampbell,

    thank you for your answer but i used a form_base. The problem is, that i have round about 50 rating questions and if i want show 4 Questions on one side i have to "code" to many form_base. I'm not lazy but i think there is a better way to show 4 questions on one side.

    Maybe i need a Python code for that, but my knowledge with Python is... too bad. :(

  • Hi Mirko,

    Have you seen this part of the documentation? It describes how you can make custom forms. In your case of having a long list of items. you can use a loop to iterate over that part of the code that adds new widgets to the form. Only make sure that you update the position on the form and the label accordingly. Does that help? If not feel free to ask for more help (ideally with more information about your problem.


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