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What is the standard of pygaze calibration report?

Hi everyone,

Does anybody know what is an acceptable calibration result?

I got accuracy and precision, but don't know how to understand these numbers.

Any information would be helpful, thank you, guys!



  • Hi GE,

    The accuracy is computed during the validation, and it is the average absolute distance between point-of-regard samples and a visible target.

    The precision is computed during the noise calibration, and it is the horizontal and vertical root mean square of consecutive samples.

    The values are in pixels because that's how they are computed. If you want to know what that means in the more common unit of "degrees of visual angle", you'd have to know the screen dimensions in centimeters, as well as the distance between the participant's eye and the screen in centimeters. (Note that these values are included in the report, but they are based on the user-defined values of SCREENSIZE and SCREENDIST, and hence are only accurate if you defined them accurately.)


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