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joystick support for psychopy back-end

edited January 23 in OpenSesame

Hello everyone,

I have a quick question: it is possible to get around the issue that you cannot use a joystick when using the psychopy back-end in OpenSesame?



  • Hi,

    What is the issue? That joysticks don't work with Psychopy? If so, then it probably won't work with Opensesame, as it is basically calling psychopy functions when the Psychopy backend is selected. But you could use Opensesame with other backends (Expyriment or Pygame).

    Hope this helped,


  • Hi,

    Yes, that is indeed the issue. That being said, this probably is a general question related to Psychopy, and not so much to OpenSesame. Anyways, after a few minor changes, everything runs fine using the Expyriment back-end. Thank you for your quick response!


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