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Custom Variable

Hi! What is the correct form to logg the answers of a form multiple choice when you use the option add custom variable? Thanks!


  • Hi,

    Can you give an example of what you mean with 'add custom variable'? In forms, you usually just assign a string to the parameter var of a form widget, to store the response to that widget. But maybe that is not what you mean?


  • @eduard Hi, Eduard. The thing is, when I try to add a custom variable of a form multiple choice in the logger the column SOURCE(S) indicates CUSTOM and doesn´t log the answers. I fixed with a base form and everything goes ok. But I still wondering what kind of mistake I was doing with the form multiple choice and why the answers doesn´t log correctl


    Thanks! :)

  • Oh, I think I know what you mean. I just tried it on my system and seems to work fine. Can you make sure there is no typo anywhere (leading/trailing whitespace), and you don't use the same variable multiple times?

  • yea I don´t know what im doing wrong but doesnt still working.

  • If you upload your experiment (Ideally that it can run without any adjustments), I can try to have a look what is happening.


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