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continuous presentation loop of the same two pictures separated by a flicker until the response is m


I really hope someone can help me with this project.
I think I need a in-line python script for this execution that I require of assistance. However, if this could be possible through just drag-in-click, that would be wonderful as well.

I am currently making a change blindness flicker project where a flash of flicker separates the two nearly identical pictures. Only one of the item in the second picture is absent from first (e.g., an apple in the image of fruit basket), and the participant must respond quickly as possible when they detect the change (apple). I am planning to show the loop of picture 1 - blank flicker (80ms) - picture 2 over and over until the participants respond using the keyboard response. To execute this I think I would require a python script but I have no experiencing in any python coding.

If anyone could assist me with this loop formulation, it would be greatly appreciated.



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