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pseudorandom order

I'm new to OpenSesame and need some help. I have an experiment where I want to show two stimuli at the same time. One of them is always a positive stimulus and the other one is one of the five negative stimulus. The stimuli appear in a random order and also the sides are randomised. Here is where the problem comes in, I want the positive stimulus appear on the same side maximum 3 times in a row and not more. I am not quite sure how to program it. Can someone help me?



  • I think you need to add an other column at the loop and asign the three times to a specifics images.

  • Thanks! I solved the problem with taking away the random order and presenting the pictures in a sequential order, making sure that the picture does not appear more than 3x in the same side. I just made five different sequences in order to not present always the same order. I'm not sure if it is the same thing that you had in mind.

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