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Trouble with OpenSesame!! HELP!!

Hi, I'm having a lot of issues with OpenSesame.

Initially, I couldn't open the application and tried resolving it by removing, and re downloading it a few times. Later, I figured out an alternative way to open the application and that was through opening it as it's "root"? I had to go to my applications, click on "show package content" when I click on my OpenSesame app, then "MacOS".

So my OpenSesame now runs, however, it failed to run any experiments I create on it. This was what it said:

"The experiment did not finish normally for the following reason: Unexpected error."

Does anyone know how to go about this?

Thank you!!


  • Hi,

    Good that you managed to make Opensesame run. But in order to help you with your experiment, we need more information about it. What are you trying to do? How do you approach it? What is the error message (as specific as possible, you just copied parts of it). Once you provide more info, we'll be able to help you more.

    Good luck,

  • Hi Eduard,

    I've resolved this problem already!

    Thank you!!

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