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Creating "Pop-ups" for an OpenSesame Experiment

Hi everyone, first time poster here. I'm designing a mind-wandering experiment in OpenSesame, where I'll be implementing a "probe-caught" method for measurement. Basically I want to interrupt a student participant with a pop-up message while they are reading War and Peace on a computer screen. Ideally the pop-up will be randomly timed and contain a question asking the student whether they were mind-wandering at that given moment.

Is there any way to implement this in OpenSesame? I haven't been able to figure out how I would do that. Is it possible to code something like this within OpenSesame (I'm only familiar with copy/pasting existing code)? I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!


  • Hi Tyler,

    This sounds doable. Are they reading war and peace on the monitor or in the actual book?

    Regardless, you will probably need to do some coding. A particular challenge will be to have the pop up appear truly at random, not just in between "page flips". Honestly, I don't really know yet how I would solve it, but I still believe it is possible :)

    The general approach would be to define pages (drawing text on sketchpads or canvases) and in a while loop make participant read it. Once they press a key, the next page appears. During this while loop, at random times, the current page might be replaced with the pop up question (basically just some other text displayed on the current sketchpad/canvas). Actually, I think this will be very possible! You should give it a go! If you don't really know how to code, consider checking out some tutorials, e.g.

    Hope this helps a little,


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