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response button on parallel port

I am starting with opensesame and I would like to create an experience in which the participant should give his response by pressing a button connected to the parallel port (2x2-button response box, V-pixx). There are 4 different buttons connected to the DB-25 Pin No. 1, 2, 14 and 15.
To collect the answers on opensesame, I see only a mouse and a keyboard. How can I collect the corresponding answers to the 4 buttons of my response buttons?
Thanks for your help,


  • Hi Christelle,

    Can you try to loop up on the website of the V-pixx people whether they have a python api? To use that device to collect responses you have to access it via python (in an inline_script). The way this works exactly, I don't know and it probably depends on the device. Alternatively, you can try to google a little how you would access a parallel port with python.

    Sorry for not being able to help properly.

  • Hi Eduard,
    Thank you for your response. I am not familiar with Python, but I think I have to ;-)
    best regard,


  • It's worth the effort. Python is fun :)

    here a few resources to learn it:


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