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Problem when I run my task

I wish to reproduce task 2 of Sam J. Gilbert et al. in the article « Involvement of rostral prefrontal cortex in selection between stimulus-oriented and stimulus-independent thought » on Opensesame. I think I managed to develop it but I still have some concerns when I run it. The task is to visually follow a geometric shape and press a button when a turn is on the right and another button when a turn is on the left. After a while this form disappears and reappears (see below). My problem when I start the task is that on a given image Opensesame records a single button press and not the set that the subject can do and more the images are repeated constantly as in my block loop I put all the possible possibilities of answers, the images pass 8 times instead of one.

« In Task 2 (external phase) subjects repeatedly pressed one of two buttons, as if navigating around the edge of a complex shape in a clockwise direction, to indicate whether the next corner would require a left or a right turn. The stimulus presented during this phase was white, 􏰀7 ° tall and wide, and shaped similarly to the outlines of the letters H and F placed adjacent to one another, with the vertical line between them removed (see Fig. 1). A red arrow at the top-right corner of the shape indicated the position from which to start, at the beginning of each scanning session. Following the first button-press response this arrow was removed. During the internal phase the shape was replaced by a similarly sized white ‘thought-bubble’ shape; subjects were asked to imagine the shape that was presented in the external phase and continue navigating from their current position (see Brooks, 1968 for a related task). » Sam J. Gilbert and al, 2005.


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