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Import Error when Trying to Read xlsx File into OpenSesame


I am receiving the following error when trying to read data from an xlsx file into OpenSesame:

File "/Applications/", line 55, in readxlsx
from openpyxl import load_workbook
ImportError: No module named openpyxl

I checked that the openpyxl package was installed in python and that it was up to date. I am using the backend xpyriment and running on Mojave.

Any help greatly appreciated, relatively new to the programming world so I apologize if my terminology is not quite correct!


  • Hi,

    Do you mean the error occurs if you select File as Source in a loop item? Or are you manually trying to import openpyxl in an inline_script?

    Either way, maybe it helps if you update the datamatrix via pip in the debug window: The procedure is described here:


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your response. I updated using the pip command although it seems like I am having some sort of malfunction with python within the program.

    I moved over to a different machine with a different version of OpenSesame on it for now!

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