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how to get coordinate x and y? Pygaze

Hello i read the documentation but i cant find some for this, i want to get the coordinate from my eye tracker and assign in variables x and y. can you give examples?


  • Hi,

    Do you mean during the experiment, using Pygaze? This can be done with exp.pygaze_eyetracker.sample() from within an inline_script.

    Hope this helps,


  • Im using pygaze, i tried with this
    x , y = eyetracker.sample()
    but i have the question, this sintaxis is correct? i need to explain this i want use the coordinate for headmap application but i dont now, if the Gazepoint use more coordinates to "X" and "Y" like Xr(right) or xL(left) in the same X coordinate

  • The sample function will give you the best guess for point of regard (x,y), not the individual left or right eyes.

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