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JASP filters: removing outliers by more than one group

I really love JASP and the new options of filters and calculating new columns are just great! thanks for that!

I am trying to remove outlier by condition and by subject number and getting the following error once I add the subject numbers:

Is there any way to remove outliers by condition and subject?


  • I think the best way to go about this is to create a new computed column. You will have to make a "Nominal Text" column using R.

    Assuming your conditions variable is called "condition" and subject number column "subject_nr"
    then the code for your column would be something like: paste(condition, '&', subject_nr)
    This will give you a new column containing all combinations of your two groups and you can then use this instead of the two columns.

    So your filter would then become (|resp...time| > sigma(resp...time * 2.5) | your_new_computed_column

  • Thanks Jgoosen! it works great!

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