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Multiple choice in OpenSesame


I am producing a Psychology experiment in OpenSesame and I have never used it before, so it's a big learning curve for me at the moment. The experiment is the effect of social media sounds on short term memory.

Basically I wan't to display 10 images in total for about 7 seconds each. 5 of those images with social media sounds being played and the next 5 without.

At the end of the images I want to ask a multiple choice questions about the items and see how the participant's score varies.

I have the images I can setup fine, and I believe I'll be fine adding the audio sounds for 5 of them as well when I have that sorted, but I can't find out how I can add a correct response for the multiple choice questions after the images have been displayed so that the answers can be logged.

Any help in how to do so would be appreciated.



  • Hi Mark, check out the logfile to find out how the multiple-choice item is logging the responses. Once you know that, you can set the correct response accordingly.

    Setting correct response can be done in an inline_script by using python code. Does this make sense?


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