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Preferential looking paradigm

I am new to OpenSesame and Tobii eye trackers, and I'm currently setting up a preferential looking paradigm experiment to test very young children on a task language comprehension. I have followed the various manuals and the script is already all done (and seems to work fine). The issue I have is about how to analyse the data.

The experiment itself is rather simple: two images would appear side by side on a screen, a target and a distractor, and a sentence would be played soon after. The main data we are interested in is total looking time to target, though we would also be interested in number of "switches" between target and distractor (and perhaps latency to target). With that in mind, I would like to ask for advice as to how to analyse the output the Tobii returns (see attached photo), as I'm rather lost in this respect. Any recommendations as to how to approach this issue or what to read would be greatly appreciated.



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