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Problem with including a prompt if question left unanswered.


I'm new to OpenSesame and I have a question.

I've tried researching this online but failed to get a favourable solution. I am running an experiment which involves participants 1) seeing a circular black-white stripe image (which changes in its orientation after each trial) and 2) a keyboard response to indicate whether it is oriented towards right (M) or left (Z). What I have problems doing is, if the participant do not indicate a response before its stipulated timeout, I want to include 1) a reminder/ prompt to answer and the study will not continue until a response is given. I'm not sure how to go about this.

Please advise! Thank you!



  • Hi Kayla,

    How do you present the circle? If it is a sketchpad, you can add another sketchpad to the sequence, that is identical to the circle, but includes the text message that you envision. The important details are that you include this sketchpad, after the keyboard item (so that the response variable already exists), and that you add the line [response] = None into the run_if field of that sketchpad.

    If you use inline_scripts to present the stimuli, the same logic applies.

    Does that make sense?


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