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[open] playing .avi using mac

edited June 2013 in OpenSesame

I am trying to add 2 video files to my experiment, but it keeps giving me an error.
"Failed to load plugin 'video_player'. Error: No module named cv"

what is CV? is there a pluin for mac?



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    'cv' is the OpenCV Python module, which is used by the video_player plug-in to decode video. It needs to be part of the Python environment included with OpenSesame, which apparently isn't the case with the package that you are using. (You can find out by typing modules() in the debug window.) However, someone recently posted a screenshot of the video_player running on Mac OS, so perhaps you could ask which package was used for this?

    The discussion is here:


  • belbel
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    Thanks so much. I will take a look at it.
    I have now moved to a windows machine in the lab, while the mac thing is not fixed.


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